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Fostering with Ruff Ranch Sanctuary

Many people ask us how we are able to let a dog go after they have lived in our homes, and we have gotten to know and love them. The answer is simple. It is much easier to cry watching them leave our homes to live a life of happiness and joy in a loving home than cry because no one stepped up to help them, and they died alone and frightened in a shelter.

Fostering is critical to saving lives.

PO Box 605, Middletown, VA 22645

(239) 980-0940

Foster Family Application

Thank you for sharing your home with a foster dog. You are saving lives, giving and getting love, helping dogs find their forever homes. You are creating happy, new beginnings. Fostering is very rewarding and worthwhile and our goal is to help you enjoy the experience and to help you succeed. Without YOU, dogs would not be saved.