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The Ruff Ranch Pack

Not all of our wonderful pets are listed on the adoptable page.  Many have health or behavioral issues, and we give them a home for life.  If you are interested in giving a senior or hospice dog a home, please contact

Ruff Ranch Sanctuary is an all-volunteer rescue with no funding. We rely solely on donations. We take in dogs from rural shelters in jeopardy of being euthanized due to age, health, or behavioral issues. Taking in dogs at highest risk is very rewarding and necessary, but comes with high medical bills. We have several other dogs in our care also requiring surgery and costly medical care. We are extremely grateful for any donations that help us save the dogs in desperate need.


Jack was living on the streets of Kuwait City, living a life of abuse and sadly, torture.  An angel named Mimi rescued him and arranged for him to come and live in the U.S.  Jack has shed the sadness of his former life and is one of the sweetest, fun-loving dogs we have ever met, earning him the moniker, Happy Jack!



Grace, a sweet senior chocolate lab, arrived very underweight.  She has put on some pounds and she has fun every day. She loves her toys and plays like a puppy!  She is on regular medication, and her foster parents, Debbie and Bob with Gray Face Acres, hope to maintain her mobility so that she may continue to happily play for her remaining years.



Hank is a sweet, 110 pound  bundle of Rottie love!  Hank is a little misunderstood because he talks in a growl. He doesn't mean anything by it, but he's kind of large. He's lots of fun and cuddling and hugging are his favoriting things to do in the whole world.

Hank is going to be a permanent Ruff Ranch resident! He is a wonderful, sweet boy, but we just can't let him go. He has become very important to Shiloh. Shiloh was a very shy and fearful girl at the Hampshire County shelter. Their awesome staff didn't want her to live her life in fear and transferred her to us. She has really come out of her shell, thanks to Hank. Hank has become a great friend, companion, and mentor for her. We want Shiloh to continue her progress and build confidence, as she has been with Hank by her side.



Shiloh is a very shy girl who was not thriving in a shelter setting.  She was very fearful of humans and not making any progress in a kennel situation.  She is now loving all of the dogs in her foster home and is starting to enjoy the company of humans.




We found Lucky in the middle of the road and thought he was deceased.  Luckily, he was still breathing and after 2 nights in the emergency hospital, he had a full recovery!



Petey was abandoned by his family when they moved.  He had lived with them for 8 years and was very confused as to why he was left behind.  He has settled in at Ruff Ranch and is a big sweet loveable guy.  He has become the Ruff Ranch spokesdog.